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Maui Game Studio Art Commissions

Send all requests Include “Art Commission” in subject.

You are also welcome to contact me on Discord.

Commission Types:

Head Portraits

  • Base price is 40 USD each
  • Additional Fees apply depending on scope
  • Single character only
  • Maximum size is 144 
  • Lower pixel count available for the same cost
  • Pro Motion NG or Photoshop file available upon request

Bust Portrait

  • Base price is 60 USD each
  • Additional fees may apply depending on scope
  • Single character only
  • Maximum size is 288

Twitch Emotes

  • 30 USD each / Three for 80 USD / Five for 120 USD
  • You are getting 3 different .PNG images to upload to Twitch (112px, 56px, 28px)
  • Pro Motion NG file available upon request


Custom Stream Avatar

  • 30 USD base price
  • Additional fees apply for additional animation or other scope increase
  • Avatars can be used in your stream and my stream
  • 4 frame walk cycle, sitting and jumping pose
  • You will receive a gif for use wherever you plz
  • Pro Motion NG file available upon request

What is a Stream Avatar? A stream avatar is an asset used for a program called Stream Avatars. Stream Avatars allows viewers to be featured in stream content. Learn more about Stream avatars here:

⅔ Body Portrait

  • 120 USD base price
  • One Character
  • Maximum size is 720 by 720 pixels
  • For Most, Character will be shown from the thigh upward
  • Photoshop file available upon request

Full Body Portrait

  • 200 USD base price
  • One Character
  • Maximum size is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall
  • Photoshop file available upon request

Have something else in mind?

Contact me if you want to try something else.

How it works:

  • Email me below with the type of commission you want with your reference image (your character, any references or pose, image boards, color references etc.)
  • I will let you know if your commision is a good fit. I will send you an invoice. Full payment is required before I begin the project.
  • After payment is received, I will start a sketch. You can request two revisions to the sketch. Additional revisions will require an additional fee. 
  • After the sketch is finalized, I will send you a colored draft. You are allotted an additional revision for this phase. Once this step is finalized, you finish the project.
  • You will receive the image of your dreams.

Terms and Conditions


  • Prices are in USD
  • Payment through my freshbook payment system only, which accepts credit cards and bank transfers
  • Payment must be received within three days of time invoice is sent 
  • Full payment required before production begins. I will not start unless payment  is received.

My Specialties:

  • Game Assets
  • Fan Art
  • Real people in my painted style
  • Tasteful adult content
  • Pixel Art
  • Digital Paintings


  • Please allow up to one month for artwork to be finished once payment is received
  • If you need artwork earlier rushed, additional fees apply


  • You can request a refund but depending on artist discretion, a maximum of a 50% the initial fee may be refunded, though this is seldom the case
  • In the event that I must cancel the project on my end, you will receive a 100% refund

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 18 years or older to request a commission
  • Prices above are not applicable for commercial work, please include some information regarding your intended use for art, if you wish to use art for games, merchandise etc.
  • I have the right to post all commissions on social media during and after production
  • Unless specified, I have the right to stream the process of creating your art
  • I reserve the right to refuse business without disclosing reason or justification