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Key Features 

  • Expansive story
  • Original music by acclaimed musicians  
  • Original pixel art and digital paintings
  • An innovative experience, calling on classic RPG elements 
  • Game+ mode for multiple replays and end-game content 
  • Episodic format – the story will continue 

The History of Azaconia

A thousand years ago, the world of Azaconia was riddled with war. Feudal kingdoms ravished the land. All were left destitute. When all hope was lost, mysterious heroes known as the Immortals appeared. The Immortals established a balance of power, creating lasting peace throughout the land.

After establishing a Pact of Nations, the Immortals suddenly vanished, never to be seen again. Some believed they settled down and led normal lives in secret. Some believed they continue to secretly protect the world.

After nearly two-thousand years of peace, the Nation of Draconia aggressively expanded its territory and became the Draconian Empire. It seemed as though history was repeating itself until the intervention of the Draconians.

In the tropical regions on Azaconia lived a small island culture of warrior monks of Kalbi. In response to the Draconian expansion, the Kalbians founded a new nation known henceforth as the Kingdom of Kalbi. The Kingdom of Kalbi was able to diplomatically impede the Draconian expansion.

The Kingdom of Kalbi now boasts a formidable military, matched only by the Empire. Kalbi’s treaty with Draconia requires Kalbians to be deployed regularly as peacekeepers.

In recent years, the tension between Kalbi and Draconia mounts. A dark omen looms on the horizon. Will the Immortals return in this vital time of need?


Lono Huang  

Originally, Lono was known to be a harsh and calloused general. However, after hitting in head injury, he became carefree, regularly making jokes. He has a bit of trouble thinking clearly sometimes but has no trouble fighting.

Keeria Huang

Keeria is a mother who has a shrouded and dark past. She does not approve of her title as the world’s greatest assassin. Despite a chaotic and tragic upbringing, she has found peace and fulfillment watching after her family. She has no intention of returning to the way of the blade. 

Koko Huang

Koko tries her best to hide her feelings and is afraid others will think she is fragile. She certainly is not a prodigy in martial arts, being somewhat clumsy. She is ever-optimistic that she will grow to peer the skills of her parents. 

Sero the Tattered

A powerful and mysterious sage, Sero is both wise and unpredictable. The old man cares little for cleanliness. He is more agile than most men in their prime.

Poki Huang

He hates being treated like a child, despite having much to learn. Being 16 years old, he is not quite old enough to join the military. He believes himself to be a much better martial artist than most perceive him to be. Even with no formal master, he constantly trains and seeks to become stronger. Other than training, he spends plenty of time watching over his younger sister Koko.