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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is Familia available for?

Familia, Act 1 is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Familia, Act 2 is currently in production and can be accessed through Steams beta testing system. Contact me on Discord for more info about beta testing.

Who developed and published Familia?

Familia, Act 1 was published and developed by me, Joseph Abraham, Owner of Maui Game Studios. I mostly made the game by myself with some help from my community.

Does Familia support controllers?

Yes. Familia supports play with both keyboard, gamepad, and touchscreen/mouse. I recommend a gamepad over keyboard/mouse play.

What languages does Familia support?

Currently, the game only includes English, but translations are a strong possibility in the future.

Can I talk about/post videos of Familia on my platform?

Absolutely! Please feel free to create videos about Familia. You have my permission and blessing if you wish to monetize your YouTube videos featuring Familia content. Please let others know where they can get the game if you use it.

What language was Familia coded in?

Familia was made mainly made with a Javascript codebase. A few other programming languages were used. The game was initially built with the RPG Maker MV engine and later migrated to the newer RPG Maker MZ.

I’m having technical issues with the game. What should I do?

Please visit the Steam support page and see if there is a solution. If no one has identified your issue, please post a new thread, which will be addressed by the Familia team as soon as possible. The quickest way to get a response is on my Discord channel.

How can I help with Familia’s continued Development?

Get the Word Out

The most important thing for an Indie-game like Familia is exposure. If you are passionate about the game, please tell your friends. Also, Familia needs positive reviews. We have not yet been given enough reviews to be included in Steam’s primary listings. Please leave a review on Familia’s Steam page.

Join Our Community

The Familia community is very active on Twitch, Discord, and Instagram. We are waiting for you to join us and discuss classic RPGs and indie game development.

When gamers submit screenshots on Steam, it’s also very appreciated.

Support the Game

It’s appreciated when members of the community gift Familia. This is a great way to help the project and give a great gift. I also understand subs, bits, and donations on Twitch.